Beamer templates inspired by the official Purdue University colors

Published: May 19, 2016

I've gotten a few requests to share my custom Purdue-themed beamer templates recently and I finally came around to clean them up, put them in individual .sty-files, and upload them to GitHub.

The GitHub repository contains some examples to use the two templates I have been using for talks and presentations over the last few semesters. The first (and IMHO better) template is beamer-purdue-gold and the title page looks like this:


You can find an example pdf presentation here.

The second template is beamer-purdue-white with a title page that looks like this (example presentation here):


Obviously, this theme is geared towards folks in the ECE department.

Besides depending on beamer, both templates depend on textpos and calc for some image positioning. I've created convenient zipped archives to download and use right away, if you are not familiar with using git:

Download beamer-purdue-gold

Download beamer-purdue-white

There is currently only one option for this package: When called with the altlogo argument, the logo used on the title page and footer will be the "Purdue University" logo. When called without the altlogo argument, it will use the "Purdue Engineering" logo. In other words, to use the gold theme for example, copy the beamercolorthemepurduegold.sty file into your working directory (the directory containing your .tex files) and add the following line to your presentation:

% tell beamer to use the purdue-gold theme
% \usetheme[altlogo]{purduegold}

I have included some example slides in the repository. Feel free to adapt them to your liking. I'm also open for pull requests if you have any improvements. The examples also show how to include a PDF or PGF/TikZ plot into your slides, resulting in something like this:


The template, the example presentation, and all figures are published under the CC-BY 4.0 license. The example code used to generate the plots is MIT/Expat Licensed.

Contact me with feedback, questions, etc. I'd like to know whether people are actually using this.