Serial Journal Articles

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Conference Proceedings and Presentations

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Other Presentations/Posters

[1] D. Ogbe, “BAM! Radio: A flexible software-defined radio platform for rapid prototyping of multi-hop wireless ad-hoc networks.” Presented at Facebook Connectivity Lab Research Workshop Summer 2019 (poster only), July 2019.
[2] D. Ogbe, C.-C. Wang, and D. J. Love, “On the optimal delay amplification factor of multi-hop relay channels.” Presented at 2019 North American School of Information Theory (poster only), July 2019.
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[4] D. Ogbe, “DARPA Spectrum Collaboration Challenge: The Convergence of Communication, Computation, and Collaboration.” Presented at the 2018 Information Theory and Applications Workshop in San Diego (talk only), 2018.
[5] D. Ogbe and D. J. Love, “Distributed MIMO for Communications and Sensing.” Presented at the Purdue Symposium on Global Security and Defense Innovation, 2016.